Need help with EmuNAND

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    I received a broken gateway that the retailer does not want to replace it and I am not able to load sd cards onto it. I have a working emuNAND but I don't have a cia installer on it so I can't add new games. I was wondering if there were away to install a cia installer without the gateway or if I can find a personal emuNAND dump that has one intalled. Any info will help me out.
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    I'm not sure if this will work and I can't test it, but you could give this a try:

    If you have CN, then download this.

    0/ set up ninjhax and the fbi installer with it
    0.5/ put bigbluemenu.cia or your desired cia installer on your 3ds sdcard
    1/ boot into classic mode (not sysnand but emunand)
    2/ insert CN and launch FBI
    3/ install the cia installer
    4/ ???
    5/ Profit.

    So, this is just a theory of mine and I sadly can't test it, because I don't have CN.