Need help with editing save files (HEX)

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    Sep 27, 2015
    Hey guys! I was going through internet to find a way how to unlock song in Just Dance 4 (USA). That song is unlockable only with code from Cheetos. But that promotional has finished yet in 2012. So I'm wondering what can I change in save file to get it. I mean, it's already here (I found save file with it), but I want to discover where can I change it. Because Just Dance 2014 have code unlockable song too (promotional has finished in 2013), but I haven't found save file with that song. So I want to edit save files and get the song. But I need a little help from you, I only need to know what to edit.

    Here are the files I got after unpacking with FE100:
    I guess I have to edit slt_0_0.sav file, but all I saw in HEX are the in-game nicknames of previous save file owner, and some mine too. I think it's for highscores, but I haven't find anything about song unlocking yet. If you can help, PM me - I can send slt_0_0.sav file (I think it's copyrighted, and it shouldn't be here).