Gaming Hacking Homebrew Need help with an obscure Wii game: FAST Racing League (crosspost from gamebanana)


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Jul 30, 2021
United States
About two years ago I tried dipping my toes into the game files for FAST: Racing League in hopes that I could figure out how the files worked and what could be done with them since Googling information on the game yielded zero results.

One thing in particular was the music files. I had heard that they were in a sort of proprietary format, and that the same format was used for FAST RMX and FAST: Racing Neo, which was why Racing League was able to fit into just 40 MB (Nintendo's maximum WiiWare size limit).

I had heard of others managing to actually extract the music, and I did research on on the many compression formats Wii games use, but everywhere I looked, Racing League was completely undocumented.

The filesystem was very organized. Textures were usable, some of them were a breeze to open. Others weren't entirely readable for some reason, but they were all known file formats.

After a while I gave up. I didn't have the dedication or energy to reverse engineer an entirely undocumented asset format. If anybody experienced in Wii hacking or modding wants to pick up where I left off, we might get somewhere. I've never touched a hex editor without getting lost before.

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