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    OP Zense GBARunner2 config: Touch touchscreen -> Press R

    Apr 20, 2008

    Last weekend I bought a second hand wii for a cheap price since it was supposedly broken and I figured I would have a look at it.

    So far I've found out that it (strangely considering the region I'm in) is an ntsc rvl001 wii. This is the info I have so far:

    It boots to a black screen
    Priiloader is not installed
    Recovery menu works and shows 3.0u
    When trying to sync a wiimote its leds will only blink blue until it turns off.

    I tried to open it up but it seems my trusty triwing screwdrivers have reached their EOL so I have to pick up some new ones before I ruin any screws and end up in a miserable state.

    What I figure so far is that it's either the bluetooth module (which I will test since I have 2 other "functioning" wiis I can borrow from), or some sort of softbrick, which I could try to fix by inserting a retail disc with an update during recovery mode (?) and hopefully fix.

    I found a local seller with link's crossbow training ntsc for 3€ so I might go ahead and buy that if it contains a system update past 3.0u

    The seller told me the wii might have been modded so it'll be interesting to see what I can find, since that could make fixing it easier.

    Anyways, I was hoping someone more knowledgable could give me any advice or correct me on my assumptions
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