NDSL Modding Problem

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    I just got my package with my replacement screens and replacement shell for my DS Lite yesterday, and I started installing them today. This was not my first DS Lite that I've modded, so I have some experience under my belt.

    This mod is probably the cleanest I have ever done it: I wore gloves and an anti-static bracelet, I put the DS MoBo into an anti-static bag while I was working on the top-half of the DS, every single part was handled with care
    I think I spent a whole 30 minutes organizing everything and prepping everything to be used. I had planned to do LEDs in this one, so I had 30 gage wire hooked up to one of the holes on the top-left on the back for the +, and another hooked to the square close to it for the -. I got lazy to finish doing the LEDs, so I desoldered the wires off the board and cleaned it off.

    Usually, I hook up the battery just to check anything (kind of to calm my paranoia). I press the battery up to the battery connector thing with the wifi board connected, and usually on other DS Lites I've done this on, the green light at least blinks on. This time it didn't. I have no clue why it isn't working at all. I tried hooking up everything else (screens, mic, antenna), but still no luck.

    I'm pretty sure I can rule out ESD, and I cleaned off the board very thoroughly (first time I actually went and used a magnifying glass to do it too), so I don't think anything is shorting.
    I even switched the new screens with the old screens (the old ones still worked), and still nothing. I also had a spare wifi board from another Lite, and still, nothing

    Can anyone help me? (or at least tell me some other way I screwed up)