NAND Restore (keep a9lh)

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    Hey GBATemp,

    So I've been following a tutorial for help with installing Luma CFW. Now the problem I'm having is every time I boot decrypt9 to try and restore my NAND with arm9loader I keep getting a message saying I have no usable file. Now I'm 100% sure I restored my nand because I followed the steps correctly and only now experienced my first hiccup. My NANDmin.bin folder as well and I can't figure out why it's not able to read the file. If someone can help me I'll try to answer as many questions as I could to help find an answer for this, I was thinking about doing a forced NAND restore but I want to save that for an ultimatum.

    tl;dr title + no usable file founded installing luma 3ds cfw
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    First, I recommend you use Hourglass9 for this so you don't accidentally overwrite A9LH. Second, where did you put your NAND file? It should be in the files9 folder.

    Edit: Third, it's never a good idea to use YouTube guides. They're sometimes wrong with no accountability, and they're often outdated. This is the guide to use, for future reference:
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