Name that J(K?)Pop song

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    I saw a video on Youtube last week on the most discussed section of an all boy asain group that were singing and stepping in the video. They were wearing weird Final Finasty or Devil May Cry style costumes and it was a pretty entertaining video. The moves they were using reminded me of Micheal Jackson or something. The main singer kept appearing in a throne chair or something. I tried searching for it again but I only found a similiar looking video Big Bang - Fantastic Baby video. Anyone know what I'm talking about. Sorry that it isnt more detailed... but I do remember seeing a comment talking about how someone who was in the video leaving the group but someone said he wasn't.

    Edit: Found it! If anyone was wondering it was Junsa_Xia - Tarantallegra.
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    Ahem* JUNSU XIA kthxbai. And boyband lol.... that song he sang solo. Hes currently in the boy band JYJ becasue of some controversy or how u spell it. He was formerly a part of DBSK.