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    Hi there guys!
    I just shot a half-broken DSlite for almost nothing... thought of messing around a bit. (its my first double screened handheld at all- last i had was a GB-color). surprisingly the handheld arrived with 3 games (not really worth mentioning) and a n5 revolution.
    Ok .. heard of those.. playing security copys and stuff... but then waitwaitwait: Couldnt i do homebrew stuff on that thingy? (was thinking about a cheap CAS for lab)
    So i tried to get taht thing to run. Found a OS bundle for it. and it worked. .. sometimes. So i looked further and found this nice board. - should have been my first address, i think. Now ive read this card tends to shorten and bricks the ds. There was a link how to fix this issue but it leads me just to a half-loaded netherlands site. My question now: is there still a tut how to fix the card? and more important: does someone know how to proper use this kind of card (please dont say "not at all") - so which hb can be used what do i have to pay attention etc. (its just for a worn down DSlite). Unfortunately the search term "n5" is too short for the sufu. so id already be happy to get some related threads.

    TL;too messy;DR:

    newb got N5 ; needs introduction/help/tutorials/advices

    Thanks in advance
    Herr Trockner
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