Hardware N3DS XL "Black Screen of Death"


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Apr 30, 2021
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Two days ago I upgraded my SD Card for the first time up to 32 GB. I didn't have any problems with the transfer (it was already formatted to FAT32; still re-formatted it anyway just to be safe and remove anything on it) and it worked just fine for the rest of the day. Later that night however, I set it down in sleep mode for a few minutes to do something else, just like I've done hundreds of times before, only to come back to the "Black Screen of Death".

Turning it off and then back on again did nothing, and the Home Menu refuses to even boot up (not getting any sound either). The only time something actually got displayed on the screen was when I pressed the Power Button to turn it off and got the prompt to return to the Home Menu or finish powering it off (choosing to return to the Home Menu simply froze the system on the transition screen).

The next day I tried completely disassembling the bottom half (not sure if I'm confident trying the top half just yet), cleaning everything, and then reassembling it (took a few tries cuz I messed up a bit); still nothing. I then left it on while I went to bed to drain the battery.

I left it alone all morning today and am about to plug it in to recharge it. Assuming this doesn't work, any ideas on what I can try next? It's completely stock except for the new SD Card. I don't have any CFW on it (was planning to install some when this happened though) and I don't have an r4 card to try and reboot it that way. This is also my first time trying any of this, so I'm panicking slightly.


Both screens are backlit, and both the Power and WiFi lights are solid. It's charging properly and doesn't turn on even after removing the SD Card/Game Card.

Edit: Recovery mode wasn't available (pressing the buttons didn't do anything) when it first bricked, however since I cleaned it I can access it. I was already running the latest version when this happened (Ver. 11.14.0-46U); recovery mode didn't fix anything,
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