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    Sep 18, 2015
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    I was able to downgrade to 9.2 using sysUpdater 0.4.1. On first boot, all the games I had installed back in 10.3 were still listed and I could play them. I proceeded to setup menuhax through browserhax, which went successfully. I then backed up my sysNAND using emunand9 by d0k3, and backed up all SD card content to a ZIP archive. Using emunand9, I then formatted my SD card for emuNAND (ready to install rxTools)

    I was able to boot into rxTools using CTRBootManager, it was running fine. I then proceeded to move all the SD contents from the ZIP back to the SD card. Both NANDs are still linked at this time, with the same NNID and all that. Booting back into sysNAND with the old SD contents, I noticed that all the games that were stored in the SD cared were no longer there. I checked emuNAND, and same thing. None of my games were there anymore.

    They still used the Nintendo 3DS folder from before, so I don't seem to understand why they can't load the games. Both NANDs still use the same Nintendo 3DS folders, and those folders contain the installed games. Restoring to my old NAND.bin didn't do anything. Anything I can do to try to get these games back? Will I have to reformat the SD card again? I haven't tried that yet.

    EDIT: Formatted SD card and replaced files from backup. All my games reappeared. Interesting... How would I format the SD card so that it works with rxTools emuNAND and keeps my games? Gonna try not formatting and just adding rxTools straight to it
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