n-Space Working On Geist DS Before CoD: Mobilised?

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, May 18, 2010.

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    Geist was a first person adventure title that Nintendo published for the Gamecube (only the second M rated game to be released by Nintendo). It was in development for a very fricking long time and when it eventually released there were a few flaws and framerate issues but it could have been an excellent game if it had been given more time and a better game engine. A DS version seems like a long shot, especially seeing the GC version didn't do well at all.

    Nintendo still owns the rights for Geist and any possible titles in the series, I still hope for a Wii version that irons out all the flaws.
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    Boy, how I love little secrets like this!

    Geist, huh? I nearly forgot about that game. And yeah, a DS version wouldn't do that well, I think...
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    Geist on GameCube was an interesting game, but it wasn't interesting enough to keep playing it. A DS or Wii sequel would be interesting...
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    One possible scenario could be that someone was working on it as a pet project, and the file name somehow got accidentally used while working with the game engine.
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    I loved this game! I do wish they would work on a Wii version instead... [​IMG]