my wii shop channel got deleted and softchip copied over it...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by zang1288, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. zang1288

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    Aug 5, 2009
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    My shop channel is gone... I have no idea what happened but when I did the steps to clear my wads on my wii softchip coppied over my wii shop channel... I really need my shop channel ;_;... I'll do anything to get it back, anyone know how I can get it reinstalled or a wad that would download it again??
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    go to, download and use the latest version of WiiSCU...!! [​IMG]
  3. Unfortune

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    Or if you don't have internet or if you want a quicker way to install it (WiiSCU is kinda slow depending on your internet. I have a fast one and it was still pretty slow):

    I have made a .wad file for it for myself a few weeks ago because I needed to update my Wii Shop Channel.

    (sorry, forget it wasn't allowed. just look at techboy's post to find out how to get the wads. Legally!)

    P.S. You need IOS61 to have it work properly. Or else it will just reboot to the System Menu.

    here is IOS61 into a wad also:
    (sorry, forget it wasn't allowed. just look at techboy's post to find out how to get the wads. Legally!)

    Wads are much quicker [​IMG]
    Install all with wad manager!
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    Wads and links to them are illegal here.
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    @Pippin - got that right. He'd better remove that link ASAP. Get rid of the IOS61 as well.

    Anyway, you could also use NUS Downloader if you don't want/can't use WiiSCU.

    Download Version 1.2 from wiibrew. Run it, Click the Make Certs button. When its done, check the Pack->Wad option. Then, click database->System->Shopping Channel->41 (All/System). Click "Start NUS Download". When its done, a new folder will appear next to the NUS Downloader program's files. Open it and inside is a wad of shop channel (among content files which can be ignored)...

    Just install that wad.