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    Apr 13, 2008
    Everyone likes to ask 'where can I find' [insert game here].

    eBay is often the response, but not all of us 'like' eBay.

    I'm a wargamer, and not surprisingly, this site will be moooostly military titles. But hey, I DO like non military titles too eh.

    This site started out as a naval warfare sim site (hence the name), but they cater to anything today.

    They are called NWS and they are a gaming operation I have known for several years.

    The owner Chris has a solid reputation for honesty and fair business. This chap is routinely considered the best choice on forums where having a valid reputation is worth a lot of quality free publicity.
    I've dealt with him before. His prices are great and his deals on buying used games are fair.

    Located in the US.

    I buy my military Nintendo DS titles from him. Purchased Slitherine's Commander: Europe at War and History Channel's Great Battles: Rome from him most recently.

    Thought you guys might like to hear of him.
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