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Feb 12, 2022
Hi all, since I have to present myself, and since I have to put at least 5 messages before even PMing, here it is my presentation and a bit of reasoning to have something to talk about.

I returned to see the roms and Ds scene just after yesterday my kids definitely found their good old Ds Lite to freeze too often, with various damages etc. I wanted to buy them something better this time, and from what I studied i'm going to fight between Dsi XL and 2DS XL (it will depend on many factors) but found the scene is far damaged in the last years. Are the huge multinationals winning the informatics world? I see it in all the digital scenes. I was surprised to see old GBATemp still up while many good sites fell shot down. I hope here I will still find something good since my job, family and real life made me quit the informatic dreams of videogames fun and internet freedom, I will return to them when my kids will be grown up and I'll have won the fight for a decent and just life in the real world. One thing I'm quite sure of is, old classic games are still perfectly able to battle the fun factor with modern titles. Most important, my kids often agree with me so they asked for a "new" old Ds better than a modern portable console, while having had great fun experience with modern smartphones, Switch, others, they still prefer to stick with old PC games and emulation, Ds, Wii.

Speaking of my kids (to have another subject to respond to, so to make the 5 posts). I was already becoming an old school gamer when I was young, finishing school, following the new titles with raising delusion from the fall in quality, artistic effort, passion, fun factor, duration, complexity, storytelling, deepness, etcetera, and the corresponding raising in marketing expenses, superficiality, clones, growing number of bad quality factors in otherwise great titles, growing expenses for players, growing commercial flaws polluting the market. I found myself returning often to old titles or discovering new oldies that were very better than thw new triple A titles. Then as a newfound father I wanted to raise my kids the better way, so I let them have most freetime playing with real life experiences, while I was also reducing the excess in dreaming (both digital and other types). It costed me a lot of efforts, living in a modern big city, but I managed to do it fairly well at first. Then, when my first become 4 or 5 (i don't remember well), since I wanted to raise him good, and this doesn't mean to raise him excluded from modern life or unaware of what other kids know, I bought my Ds Lite used, years ago, along with making them know PC, still my favourite over everything. The DS lite lasted a lot, also because I soon found it was not just entertaining and overstimulating him, but also ruining his emotive side, his ability to relate with others and with reality, his reasoning, and after some fights with him, I found strong elements of dependency. As a young videogames aficionado, I felt incredibly down with this side effects I did not expect to see as a father, since when I was a kid I always dreamed of the videogames I was seeing at my big cousin's house and fought hard with my mother to win my videogames, at the age of 10 circa. I did not want my kid to grow like this, and I was very, very wrong, his behaviour and state of mind deeply changed. So I reduced his gaming time and fought hardly, to make him leave videogames and even going to stop videogames for long years. Now he's 13 and even if he's still fragile to video game addiction, these years I used to make him recognize addiction and such conditions, made him more quiet and strong. The second kid, I left him without any videogame for a longer time, up until today at 10 years apart from little experience I gave him to make him just aware of what the matter is, but then I left him without videogames. As for today, he's by far more resilient and indipendent to videogame influence and does not show any sign of addiction.

I don't know if you're interested in this, it's just my story and it may well be not dependant from what I've done or which age I choose to let them play. Many other kids I saw did not react like this, but many others did indeed. Having to reach 5 post, I did not want to talk about blabbering or nonsense, so that's it.

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