My Ps3 also died :( help!

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    Apr 10, 2015
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    I post a thread about my ps4 because it dead (also) and now my ps3 doesn't turn on (and no, the outlets of the house are ok, because i connect my switch and my wii u there and that ones work perfect), when it is connected to the power cable it turn on the red light (it is a ps3 slim) but when i try to turn it on, the light change to green and it make one bip, and after that it lose all the power (so it turns on for just a second and die) and it doesn't turn on, it don't have lights after that, so I have to disconnect the power cable wait for a few seconds put it again and the red light appear again, but i can't get the console working, any help? I see a few posts but i don't found solution. (I don't have the torx screws to open the console) an thanks again.