Multiple saves for one game ?

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    I want to start Super Smash Bros Brawl from scratch.

    Thing is, I don't want to lose my save and I want to be able to switch between saves easily.
    Is there a homebrew/USB loader that allows you to save in different slots ?
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    You can use USBLoader's Partial Emulated Nand feature.

    The partial mode redirects only the /title/ path of the nand.
    It will still use your Miis on your Wii.

    USBLoaderGX has two Emulated Nand path in the user path setting.

    Emu Nand (save) : This path is used only for Wii games. You can use it in partial emulation (/title/ only) or full emulation.
    Emu Nand (channel) : This path is used to display channels (WiiWare and VC) on the loader. Full dump is required.
    You can use the same path for both emuNand mode, but it's a choice let to the user if they want to separate the Saves only and the channels.

    Each games also have an individual setting to set a different Nand path.
    You can then quickly enable/disable the EmuNand, choose partial/full mode, and change the path. for each games.

    In USBLoader GX, the partial mode doesn't need you to dump your NAND. It works with an empty nand, and it creates the folder structure automatically.
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