MS Suggests Plenty of Unannounced Games Coming 2009!

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    "We sure have not announced our line-up for the full year, and we'll probably wait till later to do that. We typically take the under-promise and over-deliver approach; we like to talk about products a little bit closer to when they're ready to share with consumers."

    Slight jab at Sony's already announced PlayStation 3 releases for the year? When further pushed on whether there will actually be unknown games and even features this year, Greenberg reiterates;

    "Absolutely, without a doubt. I wouldn't even isolate it to games. I would also remind you that we have a massive team focused on innovation. The same team that built the New Xbox Experience is bringing in all types of new experiences to consumers in 2009.

    "I can safely say that if you're an Xbox 360 owner today, you will end 2009 with a whole slew of new features, new content, new partners, new games that today you don't know about."

    News Source: Maxconsole

    I'm hoping for a Versus XIII port or MGS game exclusive for 360 or something.