Move emunand from dead 3DS to another one

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    My 3DS died :(
    Is there a way to move the emunand on the SD card to another 3DS? If not, is there a way for me to recover at least the save games from the SD card?
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    Another user, @rzyao, recently asked a similar question in hopes of recovering his Friends List and Miis.
    You can dump the EmuNAND *.bin image from the SD card, mount the file using ninfs (fuse-3ds) desktop program, and extract the decrypted ctrnand_full.bin, twln.bin, and twlp.bin to ** temporarily ** use on another like [old|new] 3DS/2DS system.

    I'm still on the fence about writing a detailed step-by-step tutorial because of the complexity on all the little things that can go wrong and what to watch out for when cloning a NAND on a different system.

    Edit - If you jump ahead with doing hacky shit with the firmware, backup up the substitution system's SysNAND *.bin image before flashing foreign NAND images onto it. You'll need its real image to later restore its original setup.
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