Mother 3 menu patch problem

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    May 4, 2007
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    Recently I bought a M3 lite (Not a pro!) and have enjoyed playing loads of GBA games with it, as I use my R4 for DS games, the main reason I bought the M3 though, was to play Mother 3 when it is fully translated on an actual console, instead of playing it on an emulator. I thought since pretty much everywhere says the M3 has highest GBA compatibility that it would run no problem...
    BUT IT WONT SAVE!!! :'(
    I am gonna try it now, without the menu patch, I am sure I tried it before and it saved.
    I have seen a few snippets on the site forums about it not saving on some cards, but it doesnt go in to detail, can anyone help me with this and I will be eternally grateful! The first save point is out of the house and down and right a little bit, talk to the green frog and then pick the first option, you then get the save screen, but it just says can't save with the menu patch...

    This is the site for the translation, all that is released at the moment is the menu patch - ver 1.5
    As the patch is incomplete, could this be the reason why it won't save????
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    did you sram-patch the mother 3 rom ?
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    The patch is incomplete only in terms of translation [​IMG] But it saves without problems [​IMG]

    Try to "SRAM Patch" your ROM with GBATA [​IMG]
  4. Leah

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    May 4, 2007
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    It works (Incase you didnt guess!!!)!
    Why does this happen, I havent had to do it with any other GBA games, and it worked before I applied the menu translation patch? What does the save patch do? Does it convert to a different type and why would I only have to do it after the running the translation patch? I used ppf-o-matic3 to patch it as its not an ips its ppf.