More than one save on a M3?

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    Is there a way to have more than one save per game on a M3? For example, have one game save for me, and one for my friend with Digimon Story when there's normally only one save per cart?
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    Supercard has this program but I don't think M3 does?
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    There's probably an easier way but this is what I do. I take the first save made and copy+paste it as many times as needed then rename each appropriately (whatever you want to name it). Then in the software, I click Create Blank (after double-clicking the rom of couse) and select a new save. Repeat as many times as needed. On the M3, just hit left or right after selecting a rom, and you have the load save dialog up, to change the save.

    And of course this would mean that yes, there is a way to have multiple saves.

    Also, if someone knows an easier way, shed some light on me. Not that I use this feature often but it could come in handy later.
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    There is a program written by a Supercard users which allows you to pick what saves you want for any game. I found it on the SCDEV board.
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    You're right, but you just how to handle save files separately
    when the .dat is created with the game, it is set as the "default" save
    if you make copies of this file (copy/paste, or via the M3 Manager), they will be "backup" saves
    The default save is the save in which the M3 will store save data from the previous played game (apparently is set to "default" the .dat that is named like the rom it points to, I don't know how does the M3 react when it does not find the default, and I don't want to mess with it right now)
    The backup save is a save you can choose after selecting a game in the M3 menu

    So if you want to play a game with multiple files, you will be able to load save from default and backup saves, but M3 will only restore the save in the default one !
    What you have to do is highlighting a game in the menu, press select, then choose the .dat in which you want to copy the content of the default save attached with the game

    therefore, if you play with a single save, just use the default save, and if you play with (for instance) 2 saves, you have to use the default one + 2 backup saves (which are your saves, default act here like a temp save)

    I agree, that's a little tricky, but simple as hell when you get it