Moonshell 2 problem

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Sorry I had to make a new topic but i was not getting a reply in the moonshell 2 and ysmenu topic. So heres my problem.

    Ive dug up my old neoflash mk2 and have tried to load moonshell 2 on it but have run into some problems. I am loading moonshell 2 with the auto dldi patched file and it gets quite far but stop at:

    resetMemort2load ARM9 No BIOS

    I dont really know what that means and was wondering if anyone has had this error with the same or any other card and if there is a fix. I am using a ds lite and have installed flashme v8 stealth so i can run the mk2 on the ds lite. My thinking is perhaps its not working and giving that message because of my ds lite being flashed.