Moonshell 2 Changelog

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    <b>amaro</b> beat me to the annoucement but thought I'd get all changelogs I've found together in one place since I've also noticed that <a href="" target="_blank">KingdomBlade moonshell2 FAQ sticky</a> is a little out of date (It's stating latest version is <b>2.05</b>) - I'm sure I've seen an updated changlog somewhere but I can't seem to find it again

    <u><b>Download latest Version</b></u>
    <a href="" target="_blank">Moonshine's Webpage</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank">Filetrip</a>
    Online Manual/Read Me found at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b>Please note: Recently a warning has been posted (08/02/10) about using 16Gbyte microSDHC cards on Moonshine website</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--> (thanks to amaro and twiztidsinz for the info)
    Warning refers to Moonshell 2.1 beta
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro-->Apparently this affects <b><u>ALL</u></b> versions earlier than 2.10finalbeta2 - but not to worry there's is a patch available <a href="" target="_blank">on this post</a> made by the same person who supplied this little tit-bit of Information (Many thanks to Xenon++)<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->

    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro-->NOTE: Since Nov 8th 2009 - Moonlight (the developer) has stopped working on Moonshell2 - Full details can be found <a href="" target="_blank">in this thread</a><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->

    <u><b>Where to get older versions:</b></u>
    FileTrip: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> - use the dropdown box on the right to select older versions
    Bittorrent (Offical Moonlights site): <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    Downloads (?Unofficial? Mirror site): <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    <b>Latest version:</b> MoonShell version 2.10 stable has no changelog - However it seems as though DSi can NOW use 'screen capture' function (setting found in GUI settings), not sure if this existed in previous 2.1 versions

    Moonshell 2.1 Final beta 2
    Moonshell 2.1 Final beta
    Moonshell 2.10 beta 9
    <b>Changelog for <!--coloro:#0000FF--><span style="color:#0000FF"><!--/coloro-->Moonshell 2.10 Beta 4<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--> to <!--coloro:#0000FF--><span style="color:#0000FF"><!--/coloro--> Moonshell 2.10 beta 8<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->: <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro-->Unknown<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></b> - Can only assume several updates to language files
    Moonshell 2.10 Beta 3 for translation
    Moonshell 2.10 Beta 2 for translation
    Moonshell 2.10 beta 1
    Moonshell 2.09 Stable
    Moonshell 2.08 Stable
    Moonshell 2.07
    <b><!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro-->Please note: The above versions have been modified to prevent Commercial ROM loading when using either <a href="" target="_blank">nds.akaio.nds</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">nds.ysloader.nds</a> methods
    If you wish to use any of the above version for Commercial ROM loading you will need to use the <a href="" target="_blank">ndslink method</a> instead<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></b>

    Moonshell v2.06 Stable
    Moonshell v2.05 Stable
    Moonshell v2.04 Stable
    Moonshell v2.03 Stable
    Moonshell v2.02 Stable
    Moonshell v2.01 Stable
    Moonshell v2.00 Stable
    MoonShell v2.00 beta.12
    Moonshell v2.00 Beta.11
    Version 2.00 beta.10
    MoonShell Version2.00 beta.8.2
    Version 2.00 beta.8.1
    Version 2.00 beta.8
    Version 2.00 beta.7
    Version 2.00 beta.6.1
    Version 2.00 beta.6
    Version 2.00 beta.5 for Translators and Skinners
    Version 2.00 beta.4
    Version 2.00 beta.3.1
    Version 2.00 beta.3
    Version 2.00 beta.2
    Version 2.00 beta.1
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    Thanks for the Information [​IMG]
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    Thanks a lot!
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    thanks for this [​IMG]
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    Updated first post for Moonshell 2.10 for Translation Beta 1/2 and 3
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    Spotted an error in your first post. The note you left (the text in red) reads as follows:

    Just pointing out a minor typo with the date. [​IMG]
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    Oops Sorry.... [​IMG]
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    MoonShell version 2.10 final beta

    ! ! Caution! ! Please do not use the MicroSDHC/16GByte MoonShell! Corrupted disk?
    !! NOTICE!! Please do not use MoonShell with MicroSDHC/16GByte. The disk broken.

    CycloDS AceKard2 and corruption have been confirmed in other than the DSTT just in case please do not use a 16GB SDHC card.
    Cause under investigation is present. Go up the investigation, we report additional bon appétit. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Damage is reported with AceKard2 and CycloDS. The problem is not in oldest DSTT.
    The cause is investigated now. Please wait for the next report. I am sorry for troubling you.
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    Thanks both of you for the info - I've added a warning to the first post
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    So the 16GB warning thing is only for Moonshell 2.10 Final Beta, right? Also, has anyone noticed that opening image files has become extremely slow compared to previous versions of Moonshell? I updated straight from v2.05 to v2.09 and opening image files was so much faster in the former
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    There is a new warning and a new final beta on Moonlight's website and it seems pretty important.
  13. Xenon++

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    Yes. gba_nds_fat still has too many bugs. Why I made r27 version of mshl2tools is I wanted latest libfat.
    Actually last cluster bug is confirmed in DSOrganize too, but I don't know how to recompile it...