MoonShell 2 beta 3 released

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    Changelog (Google translation):
    Version 2.00 beta.3 2009/01/09
    Add a set of closed panels when you pause while it plays.
    KURIATAIPUFONTO support the text reader. (By default is OFF)
    DLDI auto adapter for non-compliant with additional tools patch DLDI patch.
    Check memory at startup (GUID Checker) were added.
    Reduced the amount of memory used to review the plug-in version.
    MOD added a plug-in relationships. (I do not know mod/it/mtm/s3m/xm/669/med/stm/amf/gdm/ult/uni/asy/imf/okt/stx)
    At the beginning of video playback, do not automatically turned off the backlight. (Off screen, click the file name under the bar)
    GIF has added a plug-in.
    Was to return to the firmware. I RISETTOPURAGUIN variants.
    Temporary fix to the bug almost simultaneously pressing the wrong key.
    MDX deleted because it was left with the plug-in.
    MP3 Fixed a stack overflow bug that stopped at the decoder.
    There was an error in the modified bootloader. A slightly faster start TSUIDENI.
    Bonus features added
    SwapDisp.txt?RE?EMASU the screen up or down the file list.
    BBtnStop.txt play songs on the list of files to the B button to stop.
    CarSuply.txt is set for the vehicle.
    Clust64k.txt to deal with a special disc. (Please consider using to read this file.)
    ChkDskT1.txt you to log details of a simple disk check. (Usually not used.)
    Start Ignore16.txt 16bit to force the adapter can not access the disk in the unit. (Not recommended)
    UseM4A.txt AAC/m4a enable plug-ins. Most of the songs can not play.
    POffMEnd.txt power after the end of the playlist and play songs OFF. (23,987,533byte) (11,490,642byte)
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    Moonshell 2 doesn't work on DS-X [​IMG]