Monster Hunter Generations CIA wont install

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  1. norbie0

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    Jul 19, 2016
    United States
    So im using FBI to install CIAs, im on old 3ds using luma3ds for cfw. anyway. tried several times to install and at the end of the install it fails saying "failed to install CIA file. Result code: 0xD8E0806A Level: Permanent (27) Summary invalid argument (7) Module: AM (32) Desc: Cert signature or hash check failed (106). so i go to the eshop and i notice that it says i have already purchased mhg and that i can re-download it. but whenever i try to download that it fails at 99% saying error code: 005-8034, sometimes it says a different error code but they are just pretty much generic. im on a 32gb sd card and ive gort plenty of space. any idea what my problem might be and how to solve it?
  2. Blurryface

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    Jun 21, 2016
    Go into FBI > Uninstall MHG title > Delete the title id (ticket) from your system (0004000000187000).
    After this you should have no MHG data on your system.
    Don't go into the e-Shop before/during/after this process.

    Once you've done that, Go into FBI > QR Code > Input address > download the latest CIAngel cia >

    Once you've installed that, exit to Homescreen, Launch CIAngel, and wait for it to download the wings.json file. (You won't have it yet at this point).

    Once thats completed, press the L Trigger button to change the mode from Create CIA to Install CIA then > search by title > Monster Hunter Generations > A Button to install. (Make sure you choose the right one; CTR-N-BXXE).
    Wait for the installation to complete, then exit out of CIAngel.

    Open up FBI > go into your Titles > select MHG > Import Seed.

    Once thats done, exit out of FBI > play MHG!

    I've found FBI isn't 100% when it comes to install CIA's. This is the only sure fire way I've found that works.

    PS: This given method is assuming you already OWN/BOUGHT the MHG game and just trying to find away to install it seperately on your Homescreen. :wink: :wink:
  3. Blurryface

    Blurryface Newbie

    Jun 21, 2016

    So how did you go..?
    Did you dieded?
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