MMBN 5 for DS?

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    Hey, I heard that Mega Man Battle Network 5 was just a port or something from the GBA version, but if someone is new to the series, would it be a good game?

    Also, I'm wondering, how does the game play? Like in battles, what do you do?
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    Jun 2, 2007
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    Sadly it is just a port the only differences are that when you start a new game it randomly selects team Protoman or team Colonel and that when operatating the PET you use the touch screen
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    New to the series: definitely.

    Battle wise most of the time (there is a slight tweak at some points) you are battling on a 9x9 grid in real time (which may grow, shrink or become altered in some way: broken sections, rock, grass, healing.....) with your enemies on an adjacent 9x9 grid and every so often you get to choose some weapons from your "deck" (you have a blaster always) that you set up when not in battle, different weapons may also have nice effects and enemies may be resistant to damage in some manner. Personally I found it quite refreshing from turn based stuff.
    Out of battle is it a standard isometric RPG with two worlds: machine world and human world (human does not have any battles per se (5 has a mini game at one point) but they can be declared if you speak to certain people a la pokemon), you talk to people, buy stuff, find stuff.
    Basically just grab one of the GBA versions and fire up an emulator.

    I also suggest you replace the English sounds with Japanese as the English dub is awful:
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    I've played the GBA version, but not the DS one.

    If you're a newbie, I definitely recommend you try it out. If it sounds confusing, don't worry... The game starts off with a great tutorial that'll ease you into it. It's a great RPG, and'll last you 20-30 hours.