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    Evening everyone, I got sick of having to use Benzin via command line for converting brlyt and xmlyt files back and forth.

    Don't know what Benzin is?
    Basically, it's a command line tool that turns Wii BRLYT files into a humanly readable and editable XML based format called XMLYT, which you can then convert back with the same tool. It only has two commands, one for both converting back and forth between the two. To me, this is cumbersome because it's 2016 and I don't like using command lines unless need to.

    The source code for Benzin is avaliable here, but to my knowledge, building it for windows has always been kind of a pain in the arse. So, my solution? I went ahead and created a batch file script to handle the command line stuff on it's own, and I then compiled the batch file into an EXE file, with the an exe of benzin embedded in it. To do this, I used Bat to EXE Converter.

    Please note that I didn't edit any of Benzins code, so this doesn't really count as a "fork" of Benzin, so much as it is a sort of supplement to it's usage, that has been simplified. Benzin seems to be one of those tools that's gotten rather difficult to track down these days so. Considering the age of the tool and how it seems to be neigh impossible to track down proper builds of, I figured this would probably help quite a few of you out there.

    To do this, simply drag and drop the file you want to the ezbenzin executable, and it will output the opposite format for you in the source file's directory.

    Association Method:
    To do this, you associate EZ-Benzin with both .brlyt and .xmlyt formats in Windows. After that you can double click the file to spit out the opposing format at any time.

    Alternatively, it can be used as a command line tool as well, or associated with either BRLYT or XMLYT formats to quickly convert files back and forth between formats with no need for any commands besides the input file.

    Please note that programs outputted by Bat to Exe Converter tend to set off some antiviruses, but I can assure you there's no gremlins hiding in the program. <3

    Download (Inc. Source)
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