micro sd card-computer prompts for format when it's inserted

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    I had to get a new hard drive for this computer in September and at the time, we went from Windows XP to Windows 7 32 bit. Since then, I have added games to my kids' cards with no problems (probably not relevant but my son has a supercard dstwo and my daughters and I all have the cyclo ds). I decided to add a game to my own card and got a prompt that said the card has to be formatted. Obviously I prefer not to do this and lose all of my save files. I am going to try putting it in another computer to back it up (have to do that tomorrow) but does this indicate a problem with my micro sd card, possibly? The card is a kingston 2 gb.

    I've put several other types of memory cards in this computer since the upgrade and none have shown this message. Now, though, it makes me nervous that they will for whatever reason.

    eta: I tried 2 other micro sd cards and they worked fine so I tried mine again and it worked this time. I backed up my save files in case it happens again and was able to put the game on it. I tried to edit the subject line to say never mind but I can't seem to do that-sorry.
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    If the filesystem is messed up somehow (which is a software issue) windows will want you to format it.

    Copy everything off, then format it anyways and copy it back on to avoid future issues (as if it happens next time you might need to format period).