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    Anyone else watching this awesome new series? I heard about it from my friend and was somewhat sceptical when he was describing the show to me. Then I heard that it was from by Manglobe and I immidiately got excited.
    For whoever doesn't know, manglobe are the same guys that did Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo.

    I just watched the first episode and I can tell that they haven't lost their magic.
    This series is a lot less action based however I think I could live with that. Even though hana was a typical cinderally-type girl, they really managed to give her a personality which is a cut above the rest. I was so sad for her and happy when she finally stood up. Michiko on the other hand is almost as badass as spike but twice as hot (spike was hot too btw). The art style is similar to aforementioned anime and the animation is superb. This should really be watched in 720p.

    I'm "obtaining" the next few episodes as I'm typing this but seeing as its still airing I'm probably gonna regret it. Watching anime as it airs is a bitch [​IMG]

    The OP is my new favourite. Its just as awesome as Tank!

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    "obtaining" it now!

    I loved Cowboy Bebop so I guess I will love this one too.
    Spike was the most badass character ever made but seeing this is by Manglobe Michiko is going to be really badass too! [​IMG]
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    My favourite anime from last year [​IMG]
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    same as NekoLeah, I loved Cowboy Bebop and Spike [​IMG], so I will get this.