Metroid / Pal / Swap in Pal Update partition?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Mr_Grinch, Sep 3, 2007.

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    Jul 24, 2007
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    Just a quick idea, I'm sure it's been tried though.

    Metroid checks to see if an update has been performed, if it hasn't it won't boot?

    Brickblocker works (if I'm correct) by swapping out the partition containing the update and replacing it with a partition from a game that doesn't.

    Has anyone tried swapping out the ntsc update partition with a pal update partition (from, say, Mario Strikers PAL)?

    On a pal console, Metroid could then run the (pal) update which would do no harm to the console and then after that hopefully may be content to run.

    Of course it may not be as simple as that (and I imagine it is) but it's an option.

    When the Pal Metroid release comes out, it may also be worth swapping the update from that on to an NTSC iso of the game and seeing if it runs without issue. If it does then the Metroid Pal partition may be usable on future games that have this issue (potentially Super Smash Bros?).

    Just a few ideas to throw out there, I can't try any mind, I'm off on holiday for a week [​IMG]

    (I'm aware there are tricks to get around the update, the power off etc, but no-one is quite sure WHAT it's writing to the console at this time. If Metroid can check to see if the update has been performed then I'm pretty sure Nintendo could, and thus signify that an out of region game has been played and a modchip installed)

    Discuss. Or don't.