Memphis May Fire's newest album Challenger

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    So, anybody aware of the new album by Memphis May Fire that was released today? Many of my friends are calling today "Challenger Day," due to the album's release.

    Released at midnight this morning, it's already number 2 on iTunes overall top Rock Albums, right behind Sleeping With Siren's new acoustic EP titled "If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack" as iTunes' #1 Rock Album of all time, also released today I believe.

    I'm going to be honest, Challenger is an amazing album, if you're interested, I think you should check out the previews they have on the album. Better yet, Memphis has the entire album streaming on YouTube in their playlist so you can check out the entire album if you'd like before buying it if interested.

    If you already bought it, or heard it for that matter, share what you think! :)

    I recommend the song Miles Away (Feat. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens), it's such a beautiful song!
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    I wonder if Challenger's popularity will expl

    Nope, no, not making that joke, nope.