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    Aug 17, 2013
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    Hello! Here's my story, a while ago, I used to have a O3DSXL with a Gateway, it got updated by my bro's friend, and then, right when the 9.2 exploit was around the corner, my bro updated it *tears*. I stopped paying attention to the 3DS stuff until I recently got another O3DSXL about 2 months ago, came with 8.1.0, and now, I'm using it with Gateway. Now, I have two 3DS's, one with Gateway 3.6.2, SysNAND on 8.1.0, & EmuNAND on 10.3 (have Savedatafiler and the CIA menu who must not be named), and one with SysNAND on 9.4. Now that there is a new exploit for 9.2+ around the corner, I would like to re-hack the old one, but my question is how do I gain the most out of this? Like should I just wait for Gateway to announce their new exploit? Should I just downgrade the old one and do the whole hax thing (tubehax/ironhax/menuhax)? What kind of apps/cias/programs should I install and have on the 3DS and PC and what to do with online play? Etc. Basically, hacking essentials. Recommendations and opinions are greatly appreciated. PROFIT MAXIMIZATION!
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