Mass Effect 1 Freezing Issue

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by Vinnymac, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I have Mass Effect 1 installed on my RGH'd Zephyr as a GOD. For some reason every time I play I can only get about 5-10 minutes of game play in before it freezes. Any other games I own work perfectly fine, even the GOD ones. I thought it might be an update issue. So I updated to the latest dash, and even added the avatar data just in case.

    I took my ME1 and created an ISO and used ISO2GOD to play the game. That froze.
    I found a pirated copy, ran it through ABGX360, used ISO2GOD. That also froze.
    I have some old ME1 save files so I tried loading those up as well. But alas, even that gave me a freeze at some point. I have tried trial and error, and am trying to figure out why the game won't play properly.

    If anyone has ever had Mass Effect issues, or has any recommendations I would really appreciate it. I am new to using GODs so perhaps I am doing something wrong here.
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    RGH Zephyr..
    Just out of curiosity, what are your boottimes?
    Also what RGH is it? RGH 1 or RGH 2 and what chip you got installed?

    Anyway, If the GOD format just doesn't work then extract the whole game with FSD (if you have FSD installed)
    Or extract it with Xbox Image browser and launch it through XeXMenu.

    Also, Have you cranked up the fans on your Zephyr?
    Cause their real hotheads and are prone to RRoD quickly.
    I'd hate to see you lose your Zephyr.