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Feb 21, 2014
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This tool is outdated, please use something like layeredfs/OnionFS and GodMode9.
UPDATED (3/2/2015)
- Added suport for download play and online mode:
- Better backup restore and creation
- Support for decrypting a MK7 rom.

- MK7 rom.
- 3DS/3DSXL version 4.0 to 9.2 (ONLY this versions, don't ask if this will work in other versions, if you do,
will catch you )
- Brain and patience.
- BigBlueMenu / Dev menu / Title Manager
- 4GB SD card
- Python 2.7: Direct download

Features: (V2.1)
- MK7 rebuild tools with download play and online mode.
- Romfs.bin backup.
- Error log generation.
- Easy procedure

Step 1:

Install a Custom firmware following]this tutorial

(If you have gateway skip this)
If your version is 4.5+ you will have to downgrade your console using gateway, (you will lose all the e-shop apps and games with update partition.)

Step 2:

Download MK7 rebuild tools
Password: dshack

Step 3:

Follow the steps to decrypt and extract your MK7 rom.

NOTE: The SD letter is here:

Do whatever you want inside romfs folder (You can use]EFE )[/URL]

You can download some hacks from hack store. To use them, move the romfs folder inside the rar archive to the extracted folder that contains the .bat. It will say you if you want to mesh the romfs folders and replace files, say yes.


and then


Step 4:

Once you have edited the romfs, run "build rom.bat" and follow the instructions. The .cia/.3ds will be created inside out folder. Copy it to the SD

Step 5:

If you have gateway, put MK7.3ds into the red card microSD and run gateway.

If you have custom firmware: Go to 3ds System settings => Profile => Nintendo DS Settings. If the upper screen turns blue, and nothing happens, restart the 3ds and try again. If the upper screen turns blue and the bottom screen flash white, you will be automatically reboot into the Home menu, but in a sort of Emunand mode.

Step 6:

Run Title Manager, go to import with D-pad and select MK7.cia. After the import is succceded (15 minutes), close the Title Manager and Mario Kart 7 will be inside a gift. If it crashes, means that you made something bad.


If the MK7 banner looks corrupted, and it says you need an update to run the program, run the game from the BigBlueMenu (CTR-P-AMKP). It will be solved randomly, after a few reboots.

Don't try to go to System Settings => Data Management. If you do that, BigBlueMenu and Mario Kart 7 will be deleted. And you will need to start from the Step 1 again.
If you delete Mario Kart 7, all the save data will erase too.


If you want to make a backup, say "Y" when the program ask you. You can restore the backup by running "backup restore.bat"


When you install a new hack, or you delete it, the savefile will be erased. To prevent that, do the following:

1-Before importing, go to your SD->Nintendo 3ds->ID0->ID1->title->0000400->0030700 (For MK7) ->data
2-Copy 0000001.sav outside the SD
3-After installing the CIA, move the copied file back to SD->Nintendo 3ds->ID0->ID1->title->0000400->0030700 (For MK7) ->data


If an error occurs, the error log will be generated inside the error folder. If you don't know what to do, tell it to me.

Any questions here, but don't ask about wich system version to use, remember, if you do,
will catch you.
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