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Apr 30, 2006
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Beat it with 150 stars, great game but not perfect. I shall now cite faults:

-bee costume; flying is ok, why no stinger attack, flower pollination, etc just fly and stick to honey walls

-ghost costume; can only fly, go through certain surfaces and attract ghosts, another disappointing costume

-red/black flying costume; this game failed to evolve flying in such ways accomplished by Mario 64, Mario World, Mario 3, etc. Flying around planets is cool, but it's simply an on-rails uncontrolled sequence for the most part (except for blue stars, star launchers, etc)

-dive move removed; I heard someone whining about this before and now I agree

-IR/motion controls could of been deeper and more involved; capturing/using starbits is fine, waggle spin is fine, but why can you only spin in 1 direction for god's sake, that could of obviously been used with more puzzles, more manuvering in air/water and ground, etc. Also the motion based levels (stingray racing, starball rolling) are absolutely uncreative, but still fun

-I wish they went more with the sci-fi theme than the fruity children's fantasy angle

-was lukewarm on the music

-camera rather incompetent at bad times

-Galaxy's base level far less grandiose, mysterious and interactive than Mario 64 castle base level

-too lazy to go for 121 more stars

-Toad clones, Luigi, stars spinning when you spin, god damn that gets on my nerves

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