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Sep 25, 2007
A friend of mine has an M3Real, which she recently told me had developed a problem. When the M3 boots the touch screen doesn't respond at all, however the button controls still work and once a game is loaded through the M3, the touch screen is fine once more.

I decided to go see her and try to work out the problem. First I checked the DS calibration to see if there was any noticeable faults with the screen. There were none.

Then I loaded the M3. The touch screen (TS) was indeed not working. I used the buttons to negotiate to the games menu, and found that all the buttons worked except for the Shoulder R (SR) button. You could scroll with the Direction Pad (DP), use the Shoulder L (SL) button to move up the game list quickly, but the SR didn't respond and allow you to move down the list quickly. These problems also occur with in the PDA.

I loaded a game, and found that the TS and SR button were working fine.

I updated the firmware on her M3, to remove that as a possible reason, but the problem remained.

I then decided to try her M3 in my DS. The TS and SR worked as it should. No Problems. I then used my Evo in her machine, and the TS and SR worked as they should. I had another M3Real so we tried that one in her machine, same problems occurred. I then tried the iTouch I had on me and the same problems were evident.

- SUMMERY: The fault appears to be with her machine and not the card as the problems don't happen when being used in my machine. The CycloDS Evo worked fine on her machine, but the iTouch and M3Real are made by the same team and I understand boot differently to the Evo, which must mean that her machine must have recently developed a fault which affects this type of card. I've searched online for any similar instances and solutions but I've found nothing so far.

Unfortunately, I don't understand enough about the workings of the DS and these cards, so I'm stumped.

So the question is;

a) has anyone else had this happen to them?

b) has anyone any ideas why this would occur with these cards but not with games and other cards?

c) has anyone any solutions which might rectify this problem?

Cheers in advance for any help.

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