M3 NDS sound has static

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  1. diddye

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    Jun 27, 2006
    I recently bought the m3 microsd and use the music converter and the movie converter to transfer media to my DS. The videos are fine, but the sounds on the video and music has a lot of static. What am I doing wrong? The sound is so poor. Is there better software? I used the software provided on m3adapter.com. Thanks for any help
  2. sandreezy

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    Jul 7, 2006
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    i myself have never used it for music, only some short...uh... clips... of .. movies.... but i had the sound turned down... so no .. one could... hear........

    but maybe the speakers of the dslite just suck ?
  3. cory1492

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    If you are intent on using the M3 software from their site, have a look at a forum called GBA the movie way and Im sure you'll find tonnes of info there. The M3 movie conversion software is wrather picky about codecs and such, though I have heard that it can work properly with a PC overhaul or something.

    You are still far better off to use the M3 extend function (basically a reworked moonshell, can run it right from the M3 menu) or an origonal/recent build of moonshell and its included dpg converter (find it here on infantile's site)

    edit:/ oh yeah, with extend/moonshell I am 100% assuming you mean you are running it in DS mode wrather than GBA mode when you say "transferring movies etc to my DS"
  4. Veho

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    Apr 4, 2006
    When converting, set the sound quality to 8:1 stereo. The default is 32:1 mono, which is extremely crappy.

    But the gbs format is generally crappy, because it is 8-bit, as opposed to 16 bit like .mp3's and .wav.

    Did you get a Passme device of some sort? If you did, my advice would be to forget gbm/gbs, install Moonshell, and use the DPG format. It's much better.

    For more info try GBATMW [​IMG]

    EDIT: cory beat me to it [​IMG]
  5. diddye

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    Jun 27, 2006
    thanks for the help guys. I'll try it tonight. I've tried 8:1, 16, 64 etc....and they all stink.