Luma3ds and Smash Bros on a household fight

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    Sep 14, 2015
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    Alright, i shall say i don't create a post here if i can search stuff for myself, but, i've read the FAQ, search the forums and google, and i didn't got a solution yet, so here we are

    Now, Let's talk about the troubled relationship between my Luma and Smash, Some unknown time ago, my brother tried to play Smash after i updated the Luma3ds, and it didn't run, gave the "hold the power button" error.

    Knowing that, GBA and DSi run fine on Luma, and Smash runs on Rxtools (I know, I know, i have it for those kind of issues)

    So, reading the FAQ, i was told to remove ctrbootmanager, i did, didn't solve, so the problem is not there either (even because it worked before the update)

    What are my courses of action now? I don't want to have to load Rxtools every time i wanna kick someone's butt off with marth's sword (sorry, that was idiotic)

    Thanks for the help, and sorry for the inconvenience

    (BTW, it's a O3ds w/Menuhax, luma 6.3)