Luma - Rosalina Cheats not working correctly or at all

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    I just Updated to Luma3DS from Gateway. So everything is up to date for Luma and everything else.

    Now, I Load up a Game, then I hit the L+DPad Down+Select, go to Cheats, select which ones I want, go back to the Game.......either some Cheats are working (NSMB2-GE Time Code), or NONE of the Codes are working, or seemed to work only 1 time.
    Yes, I know there is the Action Replay Plugin, but you have to Reset the System EVERY time after you close out the Game. Hence why I was on Gateway for so long. I RARELY used any NTR Cheat Plugins.

    So, how am I supposed to get the Codes that WERE working under GW, but now.........????????????