Looking for an Android phone for AT&T with these 'features&#39

Discussion in 'Android' started by jceggbert5, Jan 28, 2012.

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    I want to get an Android phone, but there are a couple things I need in it that I will probably have a hard time finding info on.

    For basic specs, I need:
    1ghz+ CPU
    Flash support
    at least 3.5" screen, preferalbly 4
    512MB RAM, 1GB Preferred
    MicroSD Slot
    4G not required, will probably never use cellular data
    physical volume, power, home buttons
    Decent camera, flash preferred but not necessary

    As for software features:
    Must be rootable
    Must be able to boot ClockworkMod from SD card (as to not directly interfere with stuff on the phone already (I know at least some devices can do this, my tablet can do it, for instance)
    Ice Cream Sandwich as either a custom or stock ROM as a possibility, but I might stick with Gingerbread, not sure yet.
    I would prefer to have the ability to load a custom ROM onto an SD card and boot from it with no access to the inside flash, but I don't know if this is even possible.

    Anyway, are there any that even exist that can do all this? If so, can you recommend me one?

    And yes, it must be for AT&T or Unlocked GSM, but preferably something I can get with a contract.
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    I forgot
    There are only like...2 phones? I think? That have ICS as a stock ROM so that's out of the question, and most custom ICS ROMs run like shit.
    Also, you can use an app called Boot Manager that will let you install multiple ROMs to the SD card of the phone and it will allow you to switch between each one whenever you want. It doesn't have very much support, though, and barely works for most phones so...yeah. As for the rest of the requirements can't you just, you know, find one on the AT&T website?
  3. Terminator02

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    I'd say Nexus S, however it doesn't have a microSD slot (I believe it has 16GB internal storage).
  4. Crimson Ghoul

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    Inspire 4g Infuse 4G or the new addition to my pocket.. the HTC vivid 4G LTE
    Samsung Capitvate
    Captivate Glide
  5. wchill

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    Galaxy S II should have all of those things. I'm very sure there's an ICS ROM out for it somewhere (and if not, it will get ICS eventually).

    Also, AFAIK BootManager does not work for any Samsung phone (according to the Market description). I know because I tried to get it 10 minutes ago...
  6. ProtoKun7

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    "Stock ROM as a possibility" I took to mean a phone that can have a stock ICS ROM even if it doesn't yet.

    Anyway, Galaxy S II came to mind, which I know would fit the first set of criteria you mentioned (and is rootable).
  7. jceggbert5

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    Dec 1, 2008
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    An added necessity to the list:

    Must be able to boot ClockworkMod (or similar utility) from SD card without root or any changes to the OS. I would like to make periodical backups of the system as I go and I want a rescue option in case I semi-brick it.
  8. jceggbert5

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    Dec 1, 2008
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    Sorry for bump, but does anyone have an idea if the phone I dream of exists?
  9. Dolei

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    Samsung Captivate? I just got one (Cheap! $150!), it's basically got the specs of an iphone 4, and almost everything you want except a physical home button, it's really good though :D

    (Especially if you're on a lower budget)