Looking at a slot 1 replacement and....

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  1. sconethief

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    Jul 10, 2008
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    I'm looking for a new DS slot 1 cart and also a slot two with it.. This is what i want:
    Slot 1
    Drag and drop (preferably)
    100% homebrew capabilities(my M3 real onl lets me play like 50% of em [​IMG])
    Auto DlDI Patcher (preferably)
    90+% Rom support
    Slot 2
    GBA 90+% rom support
    Ability to use some kind of save backup (backing up slot 1 games [​IMG])
    A good amount of hombrew support.
    Right now i'm looking at CycloDS or Acecard2 as a slot 1 but have no idea what for slot2
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. ojsinnerz.

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    Oct 27, 2007
    Well, if you don't care about how much it'll cost, I suggest getting a CycloDS, and an EZflash 3-in-1 expansion pack. CycloDS is the best DS cart out right now, and EZflash 3-in-1 is just good to use, while being cheap.