Loading Pokemon Box Adventure mode via wiiflow

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    Apr 23, 2015
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    I am attempting to load the adventure mode off of an ISO of Pokemon Box: Ruby And Sapphire through a gba link cable with a copy of pokemon ruby. Using dios mios I can get the game to load, use the pokemon box storage, and connect to the gameboy. But once I try to use the "Go to adventure" Option the game will say its loaded then show a gameboy advance boot-up screen similar to a gameboy advance turning on with no game inserted.... The link function won't work at all for me in Nintendont and devolution crashes when selected. I am using an official link cable and a confirmed official cart... Does anyone have any solutions?
    Edit: Nintendont after installing the newest version works with the cable as well, but has the same problem as dios mios.
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    I am doing literally the exact same thing with the same results. Sadly no solution yet :(
    The only thing I can confirm is that others have had this issue for years and apparently it's an incompatibility with DIOSMIOS.
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    If you're using Nintendont make sure you have Native Controls turned on. DIOS MIOS hasn't been updated in years and probably won't be again.