libctrshell (for cia development)

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    Aug 27, 2015

    Here is a project i did write a while back, which should ease development on the 3ds. This is not really true now with citra emulator, but it could be useful for cia development and testing or real hardware.

    "libctrshell" is a library to add to your (cia) project, and will provide a shell over wifi to print debug messages over the network and a few more functions.

    I never made it public as it may contains a lot of bugs, is not finished and the code is crappy but it still improved my development time...

    I won't go too deep in the details as i'm too lazy for this now, but for short you should :

    - build libctrshell and add it to your (cia) project
    - use "ctr_shell_init(NULL, SHELL_PORT)" to start the server in your project
    - use "ctr_shell_print" to printf to the client
    - build the java client or download it to connect to your 3ds/project
    - use "title_send [cia_path] to send/exec your newly compiled project to the 3ds

    Source code :

    Here is a list of the available cmds :
    [*]  ls [path] - list directory content
    [*]  cd [path] - enter directory
    [*]  rm [file] - delete file
    [*]  rmdir [dir] - delete directory
    [*]  mkdir [dir] - create directory
    [*]  mv [path] [newPath] - move file/directory
    [*]  pwd - echo current directory
    [*]  title_list [0/1] - list titles (0=nand/1=sd)
    [*]  title_info [file/titleid] - get cia/title infos
    [*]  title_del [titleid] - delete given titleid
    [*]  title_install [ciaFile] - install cia
    [*]  title_exec [titleid] - execute given titleid
    [*]  title_send [localCia] - send, install and execute cia file
    [*]  put [localFile] [remoteFile] - send file to ctr sdcard
    [*]  memr [address] [lenght] - read u32 block of memory (memr 0x1FF810A0 1)
    [*]  memw [address] [u32] - write u32 block to memory (memw 0x1FF810A0 00000000)
    [*]  menu - return to menu
    [*]  reset - reload CtrShell
    [*]  exit - disconnect from CtrShell
    [*]  help - show this help
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    Thank you again for this, it should bring CIA-based homebrew development on par with netloading 3dsx homebrews.

    I don't usually like to use image macros or memes, but I think this one is appropriate here:

    This is something long overdue.
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    Very nice, thanks.
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    Nice, good work!