Let's try something out with retroarch.

Discussion in 'Android' started by Sonic Angel Knight, Jul 19, 2016.

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  1. Sonic Angel Knight

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    May 27, 2016
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    So I recently got a new update for the retroarch app for android, that i use on my NVIDIA SHIELD TV (Is a android tv box designed for gaming if anyone didn't know yet.) Anyway, i got it and i just wanted to share how different it lookes now.
    It looks like the PS3 HOME MENU! :) Cool. Anyway that not why i started this topic.

    The reason i started this topic is cause i noticed it had options for netplay, so i am asking if anyone here has ever used it or want to try it? I dunno how to set it up cause the first thing i did after the update was Jump up and down how excited i was to see it look like a ps3 menu. then ran round my room at how my controllers finally works with it. Then tested some games. (Apperently i can't play the rom hacks for some reason as it doesn't scan for them so there is a miss if i dunno what wrong.) And then when to bed cause.... i wasted all the energy celebrating. Let's call it party pooped. :P

    Apperently the retroarch update made me get excited. I had hoped that there was ways to play classic games with other people so if this works, I'll be happy. :)

    So if anyone out there can assist me for trying out the new features, i be very appreciated. I am not so familiar with retroarch from a casual user standpoint as i just use other emulators but I see is supposed to support all other emulators with one app which is convincing at the most. But some others are just simple and easy to understand and get what you want simply. So if anyone is able to assit me with this Thank you. ^_^
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