let me get this straight.

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    The wii keeps its firmware(ios, mios, bc, boot, etc), savegames, channels, everything in NAND.
    Assuming my wii fails, and the warenty is no good, due to it expiring, i am going to loose everything i ever purchased from the wii shop channel? all my wiiware, vc, channels, everything? And nintendo has no way of installing my new wii with products that i have bought and paid for? what about my rights to that software? i paid for it. its recorded in my club nintendo account. So regardless whether you homebrew or not, 7-10 years after you power on your wii, your as good as bricked, becuase the NAND will be shit. then you have get another wii, and redownload (and repay) everything that you should already be entitled to anyway..... [​IMG] [​IMG] fuck you nintendo. next damn console from nintendo had better have a real, backup-able, replaceable, fucking HDD. And we better be ble to transfer things we have paid for over to our replacement systems...
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    Read the contracts you confirmed if you use the Shop Channel [​IMG].
    You only buy a limited license to use the software/game not the game itself.
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    Yep... also
    Say you had a PS1 (new and in production) and now 9 years later your CD of Spliter Cell 1 can no longer be read. What do you expect to get to redeem yourself in this situation?
    Sony sending you a new copy of Splinter Cell 1? A new PS 1?

    If they made consoles on Cloud Computing then you would be safe
    *you dont own a physical copy of the game, it just downloads to you off the net.
    ...that might piss off pirates but it would keep your software intact just about forever