Le HDD ne marche plus

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by tatiedu84, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. tatiedu84

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    Aug 3, 2012
    J'aie fait la mise a jour du usb loader . Tout marche bien , sauf que maintenant il ne reconnait pas le disque dur . Je l'est formater et remis les jeux dessus , mais sa ne marche toujours pas . Sur l'ordinateur mon HDD marche très bien . Je sais si s'est mon disque dur qui a un probleme ou si s'est la wii qui ne le reconnait pas avec la nouvelle mise a jour . Aider moi

    Translation from Cyan:

    I've updated the USB Loader. All works fine, but now the HDD is not recognized. I formated it and put the games back on it, but it still doesn't work. On the computer the HDD works fine. I don't know if it's my HDD which has a problem or if it's the Wii which doesn't recognize it after the update. Help me.
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    English forum. This is an english speaking forum only. Its clearly stated in the rules, which im guessing you didnt, or couldnt read, due to your french post.

    That said,
    Welcome to the temp.
  3. Taleweaver

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    BortzANATOR a raison: c'est un forum Anglais ici. Ce n'est pas grave si votre Anglais n'est pas parfait, mais c'est plus facile pour les autres pour aider.

    Aussi: voulez-vous donner un petit peu d'information? Quelle mis a jour? Le 4.2 update? Et votre disque dur...c'est partioné en FAT32?

    NOTE: ça va être mon seul post en Francais dans cette thread-ci. Desolée, mais mon Francais est même plus grave que mon Anglais.


    Botzanator is right: this is an Englis forum. It's okay if your English isn't perfect, but it'll make things much easier for others to help.
    Also do you want to give some extra info? What update? The 4.2 one? And your hard drive...is it partitioned in FAT32?

    NOTE: this is going to be my only post in French in this thread. Sorry, but my French is even worse than my English).
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    Please try to write in english. If not possible, send me a PM in French.
    But you will have more help if you write in english, even bad english.

    Which USB loader are you using?
    Which version?
    What format is your HDD?
    Were are your games on the HDD?
    Use WiiBackupManager?
  5. ErmanSayn
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    Aug 7, 2012
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