Launch titles of NES in Germany?


Editorial Team
Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
At various points people have been unable to agree on launch dates for big US releases ( ) so I would not be surprised to find an also ran place like West Germany, to be tricky to nail down. This even if it was even Nintendo -- Nintendo of Europe might be based there today but it would be 1990 before Nintendo of Europe got started and the NES launch was handled by all sorts of parties all over the place, possibly Mattel.

Best we can normally hope for in these situations is someone gets a newspaper advert or electronics company flyer/catalogue from the relevant timeframe and finds what they stocked, as well as what they didn't, and also hope they did not import a few titles from elsewhere. As they are of some interest to a lot of people then people do scan them in fairly frequently but I don't know German and the electronics vendors of West Germany well enough to start such a search.

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