Lakka Linux- the saga begins!

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    First off a message to the mods/admin, I'm not quite sure what the appropriate forum would be for this, so I chose the general off topic. Please feel free to move this if you feel it belongs elsewhere....

    Who else has seen this!?

    This looks freaking awesome! It will run on almost anything too! So that being said I will soon be starting a new open source project to port this over to as many (non-nintendo) consoles as possible :P. Of course, I can't do it alone as while I have experience with linux and programming (in some languages) and console modding there's no way I could cover all the bases :P. Plus the whole point of open source is the community working together as a whole. I will be stripping Nintendo console emulators out of "official ports" because I signed an NDA with Nintendo as an officially licensed developer, which is also why I won't be porting this over to any Nintendo platforms. That being said if others choose to support Nintendo emulation or porting the distro to Nintendo platforms, I can't control that, but know that it won't be officially supported by myself and I cannot and WILL NOT host it for legal reasons. Sorry guys, my hands are tied on this one.

    Who's with me in this venture!? Let's throw lakka on almost everything :P. Retro gaming revival!
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