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    Sessions halted until April 3rd [​IMG]

    The 'temper being questioned during this session is cupajoe38! (View blog or Wiki page)

    For those of you that are new to the game, here are the rules:
    • One user will be put on the questioning stand every two days (or so)
    • Once that user's session of questioning starts, anybody can ask that user a reasonable amount of questions they want via posting on the thread
    • These questions can be about anything. Personal life, GBAtemp/internet life, pet peeves, musical tastes, "what if" situations... ANYTHING!
    • Please try to post all your questions at once, in one solid post
    • Upon receiving questions, the user that is in the spotlight can answer them at anytime, as long as it's before their time is up
    This quirky little activity will help us get to know our fellow 'tempers even better in an exciting, chaotic manner!

    Past sessions
    If you want a KYT session, simply PM sinkhead and he'll add you to the queue [​IMG]

    Thanks to JPH for the banner!

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    Favourite lolcat?
    Who is your God?
    Would you rather be a fireman or a lumberjack?
  2. Masta_mind257

    Masta_mind257 GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 3, 2006
    In ur mother
    Aroow GAI?
  3. cupajoe

    cupajoe Have a cup of joe!

    Aug 25, 2007
    United States
    1) Monorail cat.
    2) I'm an atheist.
    3) Lumberjacks, because I always think of pancakes when I hear "lumberjack".
  4. Costello

    Costello Headmaster

    Oct 24, 2002
    1) what's your opinion on creationism?
    2) in which state do you live?
    3) which of these cities do you prefer: Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York City?
  5. Moots

    Moots The Incredible Sulk

    Sep 19, 2007
    Niagara Region, Ontario
    Do you like Pie?
    Does Pie like you?

    Soviet Russia thinks pie is awesome, but you going into the temp IRC channel to push your own KYT thread and then leaving is not, care to explain why you did it?

    And last have you seen the dane cook bit about the atheist? Where the guy thinks after he dies he will become fertalizer for the planet, and help grow into a beautiful tree....Then a lumberjack cuts him down......Turns him into paper.....and prints the bible on him? Wouldn't it be funny if you died? errrrr I mean If you died and that happened and by funny I meant ironic......... yeah thats it.
  6. CockroachMan

    CockroachMan Scribbling around GBATemp's kitchen.

    Jan 14, 2006
    1) So, I heard that you liek goombas!?
    2) Do you like goombas as much as you like mudkips?
    3) What about moogles?
  7. Deletable_Man

    Deletable_Man Old Man

    Nov 24, 2005
    United States
    I don't normally do these, so let me get into the spirit of the KYT questioner:

    1. 4chan fad 1?
    2. 4chan fad 2?
    3. 4chan fad 3?
    4. 4chan fad 4?
    5. How does it feel to have a KYT session in this day when there are few to no real questions asked?
  8. cupajoe

    cupajoe Have a cup of joe!

    Aug 25, 2007
    United States
    1) 4chan isn't really my thing.
    2) 4chan is overrated.
    3) 4chan is too popular.
    4) 4chan can be disgusting.
    5) It feels stupendous.
  9. Szyslak

    Szyslak Nudibranch Lover

    Oct 31, 2006
    United States
    I've always liked your screen name cupa.

    Is your name Joe? Or do you just like coffee? Or both?

    What type of coffee is your favorite?

    Are you an atheist by choice? Or did your parents force you into it?

    What are some of your hobbies besides gaming?

    Do you think the US drinking age should be changed back to 18?
  10. Zonix

    Zonix GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 31, 2007
    Do you love me?
    What color is your left sock?
    Black or Pink?
    Catnip or Chili Pepper?
  11. Westside

    Westside Sogdiana

    Dec 18, 2004
    Guantanamo bay
    1. Rocky or Rambo?
    2. Indefinite Integration or Algebraic Vectors?
    3. Michael Bolton or Celine Dion?
    4. Cock over the shoulder or dick in the eyes?
    5. Dick or penis?
    6 Westicles?
  12. cupajoe

    cupajoe Have a cup of joe!

    Aug 25, 2007
    United States
    1) Thank you.
    2) Yes, my name is Joe. I actually hate coffee, but it's the best screen name I could muster up.
    3) My parents actually have never tried to force me into any religious beliefs, which is probably why I developed atheist thoughts. If you show an older kid stories from the bible, they just look like any other story, unrealistic. To answer your question I AM atheist by choice.
    4) Gaming takes up most of my time and is my biggest hobby, but other than that I like to ride my bike, draw, and mostly write.
    5) I could honestly care less about the drinking age, but I think there would be more deaths if it were changed back to 18.
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