Kingdom Hearts Recoded launching in US and EU in January

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    US News:

    Square Enix has a North American release date for Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, the mobile phone port announced only a few months ago.

    Re: Coded will be out in January 2011, giving fans an unexpected dose of Kingdom Hearts not long after the PSPS's Birth by Sleep. It will be the second Nintendo DS Kingdom Hearts title.

    Re: Coded follows Mickey's attempts to decode a message written in Jimminy Cricket's journal. It ties heavily into the plot of Birth by Sleep.

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded will be out January 11. [/p]

    EU News:

    Nintendo DS adventure Kingdom Hearts Re:coded will be released in Europe on 14th January 2011, Square Enix has announced.

    The game's out in Japan on 7th October, if you fancy importing it.

    Re:coded is a remake of mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Coded. The game's being made by H.a.n.d., the developer of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

    Kingdom Hearts mixes Disney characters into a Japanese role-playing game template, and the two fantasies have clashed to acclaim time and time again.

    Re:coded takes place after Kingdom Hearts II. It's got the Deck Command system from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, side-scrolling boss battles, 3D shooting and the Command Battles from the Final Fantasy series.

    There's a tag mode, too. Here, you can create your own custom avatar by collecting components from cleared areas, swap floor maps and avatars with other players and create your own dungeon.

    [​IMG] Source (US date)

    [​IMG] Source (EU date)

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    I do care. Thanks for the news, Guild.
  3. Goli

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    Woohoo, I guess. Now that I spoiled myself the secret ending I don't really wanna play it.
    Also, this is the third time I've said this but it's calendAr, not calendEr.
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    Neat. I kinda liked 358/2 Days, so hopefully I'll like this one too.
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    Very nice, a shorter wait than it took for 358/2. I'll be playing this after Golden Sun and hopefully this will last me until the 3DS comes out.
    Correction: I may or may not be playing this at all. I'm at the mercy of the hackers.
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    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the current side story games in this series. They're okay, but the main 2 have been ground breaking.

    This is just a game I will play, but only as a way to wait for 3.
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    im excited i think ill preorder for it soon
  8. Maverick_z

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    very cool. will be waiting for this
  9. shakirmoledina

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    i liked the gba one more than this one though not a good to be looked down upon
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    i better play 358/2

    remember downloading and never playing ... piracy is such a bitch. l
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    that was awesome

    hoping for a 2 month leak XD cant wait