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Sep 2, 2011

Kindle and PDF question by Harsky at 5:18 PM (542 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

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    Been getting into reading e-books to help improve my Japanese reading skills. I've always been curious in buying a Kindle and I've seen some for sale at my local electrical store. My question is this. Can they open all PDFs without any conversions and if it does, is the quality any better or am I better off holding off until next year when (hopefully) cheaper, larger android tablets are more available (not too keen on the knockoff ones on ebay).
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    I'm not talking from experience, though I do sell a lot of them at work (Target). From what I know, yes they will open any *.pdf without any sort of conversion. They can also open txt files as well, and a few other formats if I am not mistaken. However, yyour best experience is gonna be through finding a book in the *.epub format, because what I have seen on a few pdf's on other ereaders, they only show the whole page when reading a pdf. In order to see the text better, you need to zoom in and actually scroll around the page. an epub will push whatever doesnt fit on the current page based on the zoom level onto the next page (so, you very well may have 3 page 64's).

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